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Evaluations Reaffirm Geological and Environmental Suitability of Wildhorse’s Planned Borehole

At the request of the municipality of Pécs, Wildhorse Energy has re-examined whether it is possible to drill the planned borehole outside of Kismélyvölgy. The results from the examination are as follows: Unfortunately, due to the geological nature of the area, the drilling required in order to strengthen the Company’s knowledge of the mineralisation contained in the area cannot be conducted elsewhere. The Company will operate carefully, with the interests of the locals taken into the highest con


Naturally, even the preliminary location scouting three years ago was preceded by careful consideration. During the planning period the Company gathered data, studied maps conducted field surveys, reviewed questions regarding land use as well as restrictions and safety regulations concerning the given locations suitable for drilling.
The main aspects of choosing the drilling site were:
  • The drilling has to reach that part of the uranium deposit from where the necessary data could be gathered, which is in depths near 1000 meters.
  • It should have minimal impact on the environment
  • All local and national health, safety, environmental and all other regulations must be met or exceeded
  • Considering the previous aspect, Wildhorse was advised to drill from a location which has been used previously by the Mecsek Ore Mining Company
  • Traffic on the access road should disturb the local residents as little as possible
The originally chosen drilling location marked WHE II/1 complied with all these conditions.  This was verified by the nature, and environment protection licences which were issued. Wildhorse’s most recent exploration programme only confirmed the previous evaluation and therefore no other locations are suitable for drilling. Other areas that could have been suitable for drilling are either protected areas (Natura 2000) which would need heavy excavation works and road building in areas of conserved forest, or consist of populated areas, where the company would have to build its facilities on privately owned estates.  Moreover, many areas are ruled out due to the characteristics of the terrain which means that drilling would be uneconomic. 
The recent evaluations reaffirmed the Company’s belief that the current drilling location was the most suitable in meeting those technical and exploration criteria which ensure long-term protection of the environment and the populated areas. This observation is supported by the fact that uranium exploration boreholes were drilled here during the 1980s and therefore the excavation works have already been undertaken here.
Wildhorse continues to welcome all kinds of questions and aims to disperse any concerns with the help of its information campaign. Furthermore, the company intends to facilitate the work, in cooperation with and under the supervision of the government, which aims to assess the utilisation of the mineral resource by reviewing all of its aspects.

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