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Interesting facts about the planned uranium mine

The history of uranium mining in Pécs goes back several decades, but nowadays less and less people have hands on experience in this activity and many do not understand its magnitude. In order to help communicate and quantify the scale of the process, it is worth translating the main characteristics of the planned mine into digestible numbers.


  • The exploration boreholes reach into the depths of the ore bearing zones, about 1,000 metres deep. However, the direction of the drilling is not vertical, but it goes in a 7° inclination to the east. This also means that the floor of the borehole is going to be 124.3 m away from its starting point.
  • The deepest point of the borehole is going to be about 340 stories deep. Proportionally this is five times the height of the Pécs TV tower, or 12.5 times the size of the famous 25 storey building in Pécs.  
  • The diameter of the borehole is mostly 96 mm, which is approximately equal to the size of a small ball used for throwing at the school PE lessons.
  • The mining itself will be conducted at a depth of about 800-1,200 metres. This level is almost 30 times deeper than the deepest point of the Budapest subway.
  • The underground areas of the mine can be accessed through an inclination shaft with approx. 10% slope, with a length of approximately 6 kilometres, which equals to almost 600 football fields.
  • There is a minimum 350 metre thick, watertight rock between the water reservoirs close to the surface and the underground mining areas. This rock, which is approximately 120 storeys deep, prevents surface waters from leaking and contaminations to filter through from the production site.
  • According to current estimations, the mine could provide direct jobs for about 700 people directly, which is more than 1.5 times the number of all residents living in Kővágótöttös.
  • A further 1,500 jobs will be created indirectly via the companies working as suppliers of the mining contractor. As a comparison we could make up this number by adding all the residents of the two mining villages Kővágószőlős and Kővágótöttös.

Wildhorse continues to welcome all kinds of questions and aims to disperse any concerns with the help of its information campaign. Furthermore, the company intends to facilitate the work, in cooperation with and under the supervision of the government, which aims to assess the utilisation of the mineral resource by reviewing all of its aspects.


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