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Wildhorse employs experienced professionals at its Mecsek Hills Uranium Project

Whilst the review process continues ahead of Wildhorse Energy realising its objective of restarting uranium mining in the Mecsek Hill, it has ensured it has the professional expertise to deliver the planned project.


Wildhorse employs its own experts and independent professionals to execute the Company’s operational objectives. The Company’s Pécs and Mecsek-based workforce is composed of specialists previously employed at uranium mines, or other similar operations, and are all experts in their respective fields.  Their professional experience provides assurance for the proper fulfilment of the tasks in hand.

István Benkovics: is a certified mining engineer.  He worked from 1979 at the Mecsek Ore Mining Company as a miner before becoming an engineer, captain, manager, engineer-in-chief, and finally, CEO. Following the transformation of the company he continued to work as CEO, later deputy of Mecsek Ore Ltd. Since 2006 he has been the CEO of the Hungarian Tunnelling and Mining Ltd and is currently the managing director of Wildhorse Energy Hungary Ltd.

László Gombor: Certified mining geologist engineer. From 1983 he was an assistant miner at the Mecsek Coal Mines, before becoming a geologist, then mining geologist at the Mecsek Ore Mining Company.  He worked during the consequent years as the director of the South-Transdanubian regional office of the Hungarian Geological Survey, and became a mine-geologist and mining designer at Golder Associates (Hungary) Ltd.  After becoming an independent expert he joined Wildhorse Energy Hungary Ltd. in 2010 where he is currently the head of exploration at the Mecsek Hills Uranium Project.

Zoltán Balogh: Certified mining geologist engineer. He began working at the Mecsek Ore Mining Company as a geologist from 1984 until 1997, when he joined the South-Transdanubian region office of the Hungarian Geological Survey. From 2007 he worked as the mine-surveying geologist at the Hungarian Office for Mining and Geology. He currently works as a senior geologist of the uranium exploration team for Wildhorse Energy Hungary Ltd.

Jenő Mázik: Certified geophysicist engineer, deep-drilling geophysicist engineer. He was a geophysicist engineer before becoming a supervisor at Mecsek Ore Mining Company from 1984. From 1997 he became a technical administrator, and later a soil and water protection expert at the South Transdanubian Inspectorate for Environmental Protection. Since 2007 he has been the senior geophysicist of uranium exploration at Wildhorse Energy Hungary Ltd.

The Board of directors of Wildhorse Energy Plc also includes highly experienced professionals with proven backgrounds in mining projects including Mark Hohnen, chairman of Wildhorse, who played an important role in the founding and running of several companies (government owned and private).  His most recent role was as the chairman of Kalahari Minerals Plc, a company which managed the developed the globally significant Husab Uranium Project in Namibia.  The Board also benefits from the expertise of Ian Middlemas, a non-executive director of Wildhorse, has also used his managed several enterprises, most notably as the chairman of Mantra Resources Limited.  Mantra Resources successfully implemented the Mkuju River Uranium Project in Tanzania.

The combined experience of Wildhorse’s employees ensures that the company has the professional background to successfully develop the Mecsek Hills Uranium Project. In certain instances, a task which cannot be completed within the company, will be outsourced to external professionals from leading international engineer-expert companies. Wildhorse is currently working with several foreign, but primarily domestic leading experts and companies recognised within the planning and exploration practice.

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